The Judaization of Palestine plan… Sum and continues

Editorial published in Journal PLAESTINA DIGITAL written by Abdo Tounsi. Translated from Spanish: Alberto Smith Saravia


Why did they go? Is there who can stop them? A vision is not … They will not stop in its plan of ethnic cleansing in Palestine, because no one can stop, or at least no one has the clear intention to stop them, although they did change their strategy a millimeter planned for decades.

Usurpation of land, expulsion of Palestinians, massacres, imprisonment, administrative detention, encroachments of natural resources (water and gas), construction of settlements for settlers, destruction of Arab remains, wipe out entire Palestinian villages, occupation of holy places, prohibition of restoration of landmark buildings and housing, to isolate the Palestinian camps of their owners, creating ghettos controlled access, implement road infrastructure for settlements … etc. Does anyone give more policy: APARTHEID, ETHNIC CLEANSING AND INFRINGEMENT OF LAND? Well, apparently, the same as running this scheme, Zionists and with them their followers WORLD COWARD, he does not see or feel, is to expand these actions express way, because apparently the time is short. Now they already have a culminating act of Jerusalem in the expulsion of all Palestinians and destroy their holy places, mosques and churches. This is for Jerusalem, West Bank and a railway network that completely isolate the ghettos created for the Palestinians (Indian reservations), a plan that they have learned well from his supporters.

Shame feel every human being, seeing that it is committed ethnic cleansing and be quiet, well, maybe they are asked a lot to sit, it appears not to feel or suffer. He died in them the feeling and humanity has become Zionism livestock for meat; spend time watching and waiting their turn to be taken to the slaughterhouse. Will meat to feed the monster of Zionism, which eventually devouring its own children … this is the fate of people who prefer to live among holes to climb mountains. MOTHER EARTH curses them for being cowards and disinherits them forever. No peace for the fearful, thinking that by not noticing him will escape the Zionist slaughterer.

The question of the Judaization of Palestine is not only a territorial plan, as at first thought, it is not, is a plan made for humanity, that is, for humans, not to convert to Judaism, Zionists are so racist that do not support that so, so if you want is for us to become his servants, since they are convinced they are the masters touched by the divine hand, to take over the world and its inhabitants.

If humanity does not realize and wake up, Zionism will be easy to complete its plan with great success. Doesanyone stop them?