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The news: «Four dead, dozens injured after new bombardment from Israel to Palestine»

«Four Palestinians were killed and 26 wounded by the bombing made today by Israeli tanks east of Gaza City, Palestinian medical sources said.»

To be in the drama of everyday life of Palestinians and after the military escalation and bombing discriminated Zionist army, to the homes of Palestinian families in Gaza…

Today I write this story of the murder of the child Hamid at the hands of the killing machine Zionism, while playing football, a child football fan and supporter of Real Madrid. The story is going to help us by know it closely: first the tragedy of the Palestinian people to be threatened and the continued implementation of this killing machine called «Israel», managed by the Sion-Monster from his cave. And secondly, to determine the degree to which it has come dehumanized the Godmother of the State by not taking a single action against him, on the contrary, a few days ago the European Union, its leaders fill their mouths talking about human rights signed a special treaty with that State trading murderer.

Well, this is the story of the death and murder of Hamid, I say by to tell the truth and just in case reach the ears of the leaders dehumanized of the Zionist state Godmother.

Hamid Abu Daqa, 12 years killed last Thursday afternoon, by the Zionist enemy, while playing a football game near his home in the village of Jazaá, east of Khan Younis (Gaza) The child Hamid was fan of the Real Madrid, was dressed in a shirt of this Madrid team and wore the number of Cristiano Ronaldo.

His father told mourners that he learned of the murder of his son by a phone call from one of the companions of Fathi, said he had been hit by a shot in the chest and was taken to hospital «when I arrived at the hospital already dead.»

The father said the child had passion for football, saw all Real Madrid matches on television, and I always asked to moderate this hobby for fear of diminishing school performance.

The murder occurred in the middle game, paid no attention to the noise of aircraft flying in the area, screaming for the ball, as it was in the best position to shoot at goal, at that moment his merengue jersey began dyed red, said a friend of him, when he was hit by the fatal shot, «we took him right away together» while the child immortalized the moment with his cell phone, «thinking of his family consisting of parents, two girls and two boys Hamid was the smallest «

Last Friday was buried in an impressive funeral procession attended by all villagers. The screams this time were not in the mood for Real Madrid but for his family, and against the Zionist enemy murderer. «

Rest in peace our little martyr that his life was cut short for the sake of playing football in his village in Gaza.

Abdo Tounsi