Dear friends,


On Monday, 13 June, Palestinian prisoner Bilal Kayed was scheduled to be freed from Israeli prison after serving a 14.5 year sentence – his family was waiting for him at the checkpoint, he was confirmed for release. However, Bilal didn’t come home – instead, he was immediately ordered to

administrative detention without charge or trial.

Bilal has begun an open hunger strike, and his fellow Palestinian prisoners have set out a plan of struggle and escalating strikes and protests within the prison, demanding his freedom. Palestinian prisoners are very concerned that this could turn into a precedent for prisoners with long sentences approaching freedom – rather than release, administrative detention, indefinitely renewed.

Various organizations are already planning protests in support of Bilal and his fellow prisoners. We are launching a call to action for 24 and 25 June (while hundreds of prisoners will conduct a 2-day hunger strike) for solidarity actions and protests in support of freedom for Bilal, and are asking for your organizational endorsement for the call to action (below).

We also are asking you to consider holding a protest or other action for Bilal and his fellow prisoners – or including a mention of them within your existing activities around that date. Even if you can’t organize an action, though, we’d very much like to show that people around the world – and the movement broadly – see this case and are concerned.

This is a request for organizational, rather than individual endorsements. There will be petitions and other means to support Bilal individually as well! To endorse the call, please email us at , or use our Google form:

For more information on Bilal’s case, please see:

Thank you very much!

In solidarity,

Charlotte (for Samidoun)